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The Best Vibrators for Long Distance Relationships

Vibrators are magical toys designed to help couples in re-enjoying those amazingly erotic moments together. Thousands of couples are looking for the best vibrators for long distance relationships. Lockdowns, social distancing, and all such issues prevent lovers from getting intimate for a long time. Not anymore!

Check our collection of vibrators. There are toys for both men and women. Assess each toy and place the order now if you want to make your partner feel special again. Send him/her that amazing toy and book a date to get some pleasure with him/her in a new way.

app controlled sex toy
App Controlled Sex Toy

Cutting-edge toys with unique features:

People have been using adult toys for a long time. The modern ones are way more comfortable, pleasurable, and quite smarter than old-school toys. All the featured vibrators on our site are designed specifically for long distance relationships.

Your partner gives you pleasure when you both enjoy those erotic moments in the bed. It is impossible for him/her to be with you when you are in different cities. These vibrators offer you a unique way to get closer, arouse one-another, and enjoy the best orgasms every day. That distance won’t feel anything because you will be driving your partner crazy with these sex toys.

Soft, comfy, and exciting:

All the vibrators endorsed on our website are made of top-quality material. We have never sold a poor quality sex toy and we won’t ever do that. Your safety and your satisfaction are our two top priorities. Therefore, we only promote top-quality sex toys for couples, singles, and long-distance lovers.

We know you enjoy sex in various amazing ways. Those methods reduce to a few ones when you are in a long-distance relationship. Therefore, our innovative designers have come up with some exciting solutions. There are vibrators to provide all sorts of pleasure.

Take a look at our se toy collection. You will find adult toys designed for fondling your genitals, penetration, vibration, rubbing and everything you like to do when enjoying sex. It is the best range of sex toys, which you won’t find in other stores. So, start picking your toys now!

Clitoral Stimulator
Clitoral Stimulator

Performance-oriented toys for 100% satisfaction:

Nobody likes to compromise when it comes to sex and pleasure. You won’t like it if your partner is inciting you and the toy stops working. It will be the most frustrating experience of your life. Many couples have experienced this tragedy. We know they don’t want to take such risks again. Therefore, we only sell rigorously tested feature-rich sex toys.

There are many app-controlled sex toys in our store. Couples love these toys because they get an opportunity to give each-other that missing pleasure through smartphones. These sex toys are quite easy to operate. You just need to install the mobile app, connect the vibrator to your app, and then enjoy many erotic sessions of lovemaking. Each smart vibrator responds to your commands flawlessly. Your partner will enjoy all the moves you make from miles away. It will feel like being together and loving one another. Of course, it won’t be as real as you two making love together, but these sex toys will keep the knot tied forever!

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Sex Toys: How To Use Sex Toys Safely?

When it comes to using sex toys, it is best practise not to share them with other people. Sharing sex toys with other people always involves the risk of spreading or contracting STDs. If a person with an STD uses an adult toy, then the body fluids can spread to the next person who uses the same toy. Thus, when using erotic toys with a partner, it is best to take specific steps to help prevent STD transmission. One of the easiest ways to avoid STD transmission is by merely washing the toys with mild soap and water after using them.

adult toy
Wand Massager

If washing your sex toys with water and mild soap poses the risk of causing damage to them, you can also put condoms on your adult toys. Putting condoms on them is also one of the best ways to keep them clean and prevent the spread of STDs. The only thing you need to make sure you do is to change the condoms before the toy touches the genitals of another person. Thus, taking such preventive measures can help out to a great extent in preventing STDs spread through adult toy use.

If you plan to use sex toys in your anus, it is essential to use lots of lube. You have to keep in mind that the anus does not lubricate itself like the vagina. Thus, using adult toys in your anus without any lube can be quite uncomfortable, painful, and even unsafe. You should also never put an erotic toy into a vagina that has been in an anus without washing it first. It would be best if you either washed it first or changed the condom or did both. When germs from the anus get into the vagina through sex toys, it can lead to vaginitis.

sex toys
Clitoral Stimulator

You should only insert adult toys in your anus that have a wide base on them. The wide base of the butt plug will keep it from going in all the way, as it can be quite dangerous. When a butt plug goes too far into your anus, the only option is to see a nurse or doctor. If you are using erotic toys made of silicone, it is best not to use silicone lube with such toys. In most cases, silicone lube reacts with the solid silicone, eventually causing damage to the toy. Water-based lubricants are the safest bet to use with all kinds of sex toys. It is best to use erotic toys for adults that have been specifically designed and made for such purposes. It is strongly advised not to go for DIY toys, since they can be unsafe and unsanitary.